Blog Introduction

Note (6/11/17) – I have changed my method for my rankings.  Instead of a 1-10 system, I have decided to rank the movies based on if you should see it in the theater, at home, or not at all.  There will also be a best of 2017 section for the top 10 movies of the year.  Each movie will still be ranked from first to last, but will no longer have a number associated with it.


I’ve been debating about starting a blog for a while now, but coming up with something that was worth writing about and convincing myself to do it have been a struggle.  First off, I LOVE MOVIES.  Its a huge passion of mine.  I love going to the movie theater and being entertained.  Nothing makes me more satisfied then going to the movies and watching something that is everything I wanted to see or something completely unexpected that made me think about what was behind the movie.

The purpose of this blog is three things.

1.  One thing that really drives me crazy is watching a movie trailer and feeling like I have seen everything there is to see for the movie.  All the funniest jokes have been said, the best action scenes have been revealed and worst, the entire plot of the movie was spoiled.  My original thought for this blog is to watch the trailer and then compare the movie to the trailer, did I see the entire movie in the trailer or was the trailer done well enough to get me excited but it didn’t spoil it for me.

2. English and writing are not my strongest points.  I want to use this blog to try and be a better writer.  Does writing a blog on a semi-frequent basis help me accomplish that?  There will definitely be times, and you have probably seen them in this blog already, that my writing is just complete garbage or my english is crap.  Its a work in progress no doubt.

3.  This is the least important, but there will be mini reviews of each movie as well.  Can I write a good review?

This blog may never be read by a single other person but I’m looking at this as a passion project.  In 2016 I saw 43 movies in the theater, and 29 in 2015.  I have a lofty goal of seeing 100 movies in the theater this year.  I don’t know how easy or difficult this will be, but I feel like there are a lot of good movies that come out each year that I never see.  When award seasons come out there are so many that are nominated that I didn’t see and I want to see if I can change that.  That being said I am already behind in my quest.  Its Febuary 26th and I have only watched 7 movies this year, I should be closer to 20.

If you are reading this, thank you.  Please be patient with me but hopefully this will be a fun and relieving journey




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