Hidden Figures – Trailer vs. Movie

As is typical with all my posts, please be aware there are possible spoilers.

The trailer(s) that I watched for this movie are below:


Hidden Figures is exactly what you would expect from the movie after seeing the trailer.  Nothing in the film will surprise you at all.  That being said I think this is still a very good movie worth watching.

Performances by Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe are all very well done and having additional supporting cast from Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons really helps elevate the story and struggles that director Theodore Melfi is trying to tell.  Kisten Dunst channels the same character as Bryce Dallas Howard did from The Help.

You could probably say that this movie is very much like The Help in many respects.  The Help is a better film, but if you did enjoy it you would enjoy this one as well.  The Help feels like a more personal story about the struggle of African American women, while Hidden Figures feels larger and about how women in general can struggle when trying to get into the “man’s” world.

8/10 – Movie Rating (10/10 is a perfect rating)

3/10 – Trailer Rating.  The trailer gives away most of the films plot points.


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