Lion– Trailer vs. Movie

As is typical with all my posts, please be aware there are possible spoilers.

The trailer(s) that I watched for this movie are below:


Lion is the perfect example of why giving away the plot of a story in the trailer may not really matter.  The journey of Saroo (Sunny Pawar, Dev Patel) is not about getting lost and then finding your way home.  Its about what happened along the way.  The trailer in this case successfully gets people in the door, and then the movie will thoroughly entertain them.

This is the first film Sunny Pawar stars in, playing the younger version of Saroo Dev Patel’s character, and what a way to make your debut.  Without the performance by the 8 year old this film fails.  Dev Patel also turns in a great performance, but it all hinges on the story build up from the stand point of a young Saroo.  Rooney Mara also shows up with a great performance helping keep the emotion in the film.

The film is +80% subtitled so if this is something that you cannot deal with then this is not the movie for you.

Unfortunately this movie is very tough to find in theaters at this point, I personally traveled about a hour to a theater that still had it.  If you can find it online to rent I would definitely suggest it.

9/10 – Movie Rating (10/10 is a perfect rating)

5/10 – Trailer Rating:  All of the plot points are in the trailer, but the emotional journey you go through getting from A to B back to A is well worth the watch.


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