Ghost in the Shell – Trailer vs. Movie #16 (-9.2)

As is typical with all my posts, please be aware there are possible spoilers.

The trailer that I watched for this movie is below:


I have a feeling I am going to be one of only a few Ghost in the Shell fans that enjoyed this movie.  Fans will gripe about how the story was changed, how the true “essence” of the Manga was changed, etc.  I get that and can understand where you are coming from, but all that being said I really did enjoy this movie.

First off the visuals, effects and cinematography were really well done.  There were a couple moments in the movie that effects were not up to par with others, but overall the world was brought to life.  The acting wasn’t bad, but it also not great, though there were a few kinda cringe worthy line deliveries.

I was happy with some of the fan service that was given in the movie.  Some iconic scenes were taken from the original anime film though changed to fit the story.  My biggest problem with the movie is it didnt take the story far enough but this is also my issue with the original anime film.  I would have really liked the director to explore some of the themes introduced in the film further.  How technology effects our lives, how dangerous can technology be if used incorrectly, how is a individual identified.

Overall though I did have fun with this movie and would recommend it, even though I am in the minority here.

(10/10 is a perfect rating)

7/10 – Movie Rating:  Solid Sci Fi action film that is enjoyable to watch, but doesn’t go far enough to be a great film.  Fans of the 1995 anime may be disappointed. 

5/10 – Trailer Rating:  The majority of the trailer doesn’t give away anything until the last 10 seconds. This last 10 seconds does ruin a lot of the plot.

End Credit Scene? – No



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