The Fate of the Furious – Trailer vs. Movie #24 (-8.6)

As is typical with all my posts, please be aware there are possible spoilers.

The trailer that I watched for this movie is below:


I have not been a big fan of Fast and the Furious since first movie in the series, but have watched all the movies to date.  Currently the series doesn’t resemble the original in any shape in anyway.  The only thing connecting the two is the characters and the name.

The last 3 movies in the series have been pretty bad.  Takes fast cars and scantly girls with guns and randomly generate a story.  No surprises because everything is given away in the trailer and certainly in the running for the worst movies of the year each year.

The Fate of the Furious does change the formula very slightly.  Its actually not a horrible movie.  Everything is given away in the trailer, except why Vin Diesel’s character  Dominic Toretto has turned on his “family”.  All the large set pieces, car chases and the final scene of the movie is shown in the trailer.  Yes you have basically seen the movie.

If you sit back with some popcorn and leave you brain at the door, this is actually a entertaining movie surprisingly.  I wouldn’t rush out to go see it, but its a solid rental or if you have a free ticket for the theater.

(10/10 is a perfect rating)

7/10 – Movie Rating

1/10 – Trailer Rating

End Credit Scene? – No



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