King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Trailer vs. Movie #28 (-8.2)

As is typical with all my posts, please be aware there are possible spoilers.

The trailer that I watched for this movie is below:


King Arthur is the surprise of the year for me.  I am a big fan of Guy Ritchie (Snatch, Sherlock Holmes), but watching the trailers I didnt give this movie any credit at all.  I thought it would be a very cookie cutter, predictable film.  Boy was I wrong!  The movie starts with a bang and never lets go.

This is the second movie for Charlie Hunnam this year and I have been more and more impressed by him as a actor.  As in my review of his previous movie Lost City of Z, Hunnam was great in the TV series Son’s of Anarchy, but seemed to struggle on the big screen.  I think its clear that Hunnam has hit his stride.

Guy Ritchie turns the typical medieval story on its head with a in your face sound track, quick edits and witty dialogue.  I’m not a huge fan of the fantasy genre because of typical pitfalls with dialogue and situations, but Ritchie manages to avoid the cliche situations and banter that can be a turn off.

If you get a chance to see this in the theater, go see it.

The trailer in this case doesn’t give away as much as you think it does.  My initial impression of the trailer was this was going to be a rock and roll story with very little to give.  While the music does stay the course in the movie, the story moves around much more then you think it might.  Much of what you see in the trailer is actually pretty early in the film or you don’t see it in context so you have no idea what it is.

(10/10 is a perfect rating)

10/10 – Movie Rating

8/10 – Trailer Rating

End Credit Scene? – No



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