Alien: Covenant – Trailer vs. Movie #29 (-12.1)

As is typical with all my posts, please be aware there are possible spoilers.

The trailer that I watched for this movie is below:


After the disappointment of Prometheus I had hope that the next installment of the ‘prequel’ Alien films would return to the classic Alien formula, i.e. Alien and Aliens.  Alas I was disappointed.  I was really hoping for a return to suspense and scares.  There is only 1 sequence in the entire movie that tried to do that at the very end of the film.

There is one sequence in particular that just didn’t make any sense to me at all and you could spend the whole movie yelling at the characters how stupid they are for making the choices they do.

The trailer was very well done here.  There is nothing given away to the main plot of the movie or anything else.

Ultimately I think its a ok popcorn movie, but it’s not one I am going to buy on Blu-Ray or digital and may never see it again.

  (10/10 is a perfect rating)

7/10 – Movie Rating

10/10 – Trailer Rating

End Credit Scene? – No



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