Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Trailer vs. Movie #30 (-11.4)

As is typical with all my posts, please be aware there are possible spoilers.

The trailer that I watched for this movie is below:

The last good pirates movie was released in 2006 ‘Dead Men’s Chest’ and unfortunately that is still the case.  ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ is a movie that tries to recapture what was good about the first movie, attempting to return to the routes if you will, but gets lots in it’s own story trying to get there.

As was the problem with the last two Pirates films, there is way to much story here to tell for the length of the movie and all plot lines ultimately disappoint and feel empty without any character development for new characters that are introduced.

I am a huge fan of Javier Bardem, but his character never gets the screen time that he needs.  I want to know more about him.  There is a brief moment that talks about why he was chasing pirates, but the character is never given the chance to expound on it, to give the audience a reason to love or hate the character.  He feels like a throw away villan.

There is another plot line in the film that is not talked about in the trailer at all, and really what the movie is really about.  This story line again isn’t given enough time and feels almost like a after thought.

The trailer does a good job hiding the real plot of the movie, but probably gives away too much about the antagonist.

I may watch this again if its on TV, but I probably won’t be purchasing this movie.

(10/10 is a perfect rating)

7/10 – Movie Rating

8/10 – Trailer Rating

End Credit Scene? – Yes



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